This Song of Mine

Do you hear the song

Were the little one cries

Telling a story were she got raped

Or the young girl ‘bout to kill herself

Cause no one hears

Do you hear the song?

The one about drugs

And how I lied to you

Where I wear black nail polish

And cover my face

Needing any one’s touch to remind me I’m still here

Where my tears are silent

Because no one hears this song I listen to

I have started to play this music for you

But you said that no it isn’t true, to those who questioned it

You’ve helped sing this song with me

You were the back-up singer

Making the lies

For the truth you do not know

Or did you just want to believe I was better?

This song of mine has no beat

Nothing makes sense in its lyrics

It’s all lies

Where the world is black painted with darkness

Where the voices continue their words

And the fights are always my fault

This song of mine, shall one day end

Is it the sooner the better?

Show them what the songs about by dressing in black

Then show them by the chains I wear

By the drugs I smoked in my bathroom

When you’re not there

With the cuts I make when you’re not looking

With the food I throw out, when you’re backs turned

Show them what this songs about

For the beat is becoming quicker

And I need time to share my fear

My mask is chipping away

Scared of what I’m dying to become perfect at

Scared of my own song

For this song of mine has no beat…