Unseen Love

It's so confusing,
Love's got me again,
A love that's amazing,
That blows away the rain.

But it's so surprising,
Cause I've only seen your face,
You look so amazing,
It's you I can't erase.

But I haven't seen what's inside,
Nor have I seen your ways.
This love I'll confide,
Until I see those ways.

Your eyes are so bright,
Through them I see light.
But looks can be deceiving,
So I'll stop conceiving.

Your lips form a smile,
That makes everything worthwhile.
Though the words that form are warm,
I have yet to see the storm.

Your body, with it's curves and lines,
Can look so refined.
But did you starve yourself to death?
Is that all that's left?

I guess there's nothing else to do,
But to wait and see what's true,
And since I've no one to turn to,
I think I love you...

Huang Yen Khai©2002