And in the Beginning There Was…

Author: MPhage

Rating: PG (For mild violence)

Summary: The first chapter in a completely original series.

In the cold of space the dark figure grinned maliciously. A pair of deepened red eyes shone against the stars as he looked down on the planet before him, the planet that he would conquer, claim and remold in his image. This insignificant world the natives called "EARTH". "Too simple," he thought to himself, "too simple to conquer these puny beings without them even knowing it. Today was mankind's final day, the day when their infestation of this world is brought to a close. And the glorious dawning of a new age begins, the dawning… of the Darkness."

He laughed as his pitch-black vessel descended on the world, a vessel too sleek, too concealed in shadow to be perceived against the black night sky. Across the sky it rode landing in a deep wood just along the property line of Mrs. Jenkins. The darkness had arrived to America's heartland. The darkness had found Indiana. The doors of the demonic ship of the stars opened spewing shadow and fog as the cryogenic hatch unsealed, from within a figure moved, slowly exiting the craft. His form was a mask of shadow and evil, a pair of glowing red eyes against a dark form, nothing more. He took another step from his transport and grinned as his form began to warp and twist slowly skin formed, his eyes lightened to a deep hazel, hair began to arise on his head, and he grinned as the transformation was complete. Standing there now, against the backdrop of the trees, along the outline of the starry sky, was a man. He laughed and walked towards the old Jenkins homestead.

Elsewhere away from the grasp of evil…

A young man drove home from a day of college, griping about his heavy burden of homework. He sighed and cranked the knob on his stereo, pounding to the beat of the hard rock echoing through his '83 Cadillac Cimarron. He pounds his head back and forth as the music plays, not paying much regard to the traffic signals before him. He looks up as terror crosses his face, and he slams on his brakes, but by then it's too late. The scene is truly one to behold, the back of the old pickup crunched on top of the young man's car. The boy lay unconscious his head pressed against his steering wheel, his car horn a long continuous beep as his forehead presses down on it. Along the length of his head is a deep gash blood dripping down the side of his face, the glass if his window shattered and pressed in several pieces into his face. But even while knocked out, he seems to hear a voice call his name. "MATTHEW…"

He awoke to find himself, floating through space. He began to freak out, he panicked making gasping noises trying to get air before realizing he wasn't breathing. A cold reality set in, he was dead. A voice, the same voice that had called his name called out to him through the night sky. "Matthew, are you receiving this message?" Matthew turned his head trying to find the source, but he was alone, so who was calling to him? "Y…Yes?" He asked timidly. "Matthew, I have summoned you before me for a purpose. A great darkness has found it's way to Earth. You must stop it before it destroys your world." Matthew looked around confused, not knowing exactly what was going on or what to say. Before him a figure began to appear…

The figure shined like the light of the sun itself, Matthew was forced to shield his eyes from its illumination. "Who, who are you?" Matthew questioned the strange figure. The figure spoke in a voice as powerful and majestic as any ever heard. "I am your Creator. The Creator, of all of mankind." Matthew's face dropped in complete disbelief, "You're… GOD?" he managed to choke out. The figure spoke again, " In a manner of words yes. Though not God as your race has come to think of the term as. Millions of years ago, my people set out to expand the life force of the Universe, to do so new beings and races had to be created; we searched out planets that could be populated, planets that could support life. One such planet was your world, Matthew, your world, Earth."

Matthew was in shock trying to comprehend all that he was now being told, all that he was now finding out. No one would ever believe this, believe that he had mat God. Questions began to pop into his mind; questions he felt needed an answer. "Wait… you said your race? Then how could you be God, wouldn't your people in whole have been God?" The figure almost seemed to smile as he said this and began to speak again. "Please allow me to continue, a taskforce of the brightest from my world was set up to search out these worlds and create new beings for them. I was chief designer, for your people. I designed, and created humankind. All of it's little imperfections, all of it's little changes and flaws, I put in humankind to make them unique, to make them special. The others in my team thought I was insane for this, they felt that humanity should be perfect. But I knew that giving you flaws would mean that you would have to learn and adapt to those, it would make you stronger than we could have even predicted. Your questioning me Matthew proves that I was correct."

Matthew couldn't help but feel a little special at the thought of having proved God right. "But what can I do? You said a dark force has found it's way to Earth?" He pondered. "Yes a darkness has come to Earth, a darkness which seeks to devour the life force of your world. Alas he is the very one who tried so adamantly to get me to design mankind as perfect. He has now come to Earth to wipe mankind away so that he may create a "perfect" race in your stead. He seeks to destroy mankind Matthew." Matthew thought for several seconds at what he was being told, and tried intensely to perhaps put a name to this being, if who he was now speaking to was in so many words, God… than this being who wants to destroy humanity would have to be… only one word came to mind as he pondered this. This darkness would be the Devil.

Matthew spoke up again. "But what could I do? I'm just a boy, nothing more. Why me? Out of all the people in the world, why me?" the bright figure began to speak to Matthew almost in a calm soothing voice, "You were chosen Matthew, because within you exists the hope of Mankind itself. Within you exists the purity of the life force, which was originally paced on Earth, you Matthew represent what humanity will become, you are the key to mankind's next step." Matthew was in shock at all of this, "What key? What are you talking about? What am I supposed to do? What am I…" The booming of the figure before him suddenly cut out Matthew's voice. "The time is past Matthew, I must return you to your reality now, you will know what to do when the time is right."

Matthew opened his eyes; he was lying on a Hospital bed. He looked around trying to grasp the situation. All he knew was that somewhere out there a sinister presence had found it's way to Earth, and whether he liked it or not, he was mankind's only hope for survival.