Never Had

Love and passion

Lately it’s been weird

Without your cruel sort of fashion

In the warmth of your grasp

I wish I could find my part

I wish I could feel your touch

Your lips

The love from your heart

I barely feel these things

You don’t really give me them

I don’t see you as often

I’m lost without a doubt

I wish I could be like you

From within and without

But I know that’s not possible

I know that’s not right

I know I can’t be you

Even when I’m fully in your sight

I wish I could fly

On the wings of an angel

And finally feel what I know

So hard

So strange

I wish something inside me had the courage to change

I wish I could move on

I wish I could go

I can’t let go of you

I just wanted to let you know

I love you now

And maybe even more so than ever

You’re stuck in my heart

From now and forever

But why do you do this to me

Walk away like you don’t care

Act like I don’t exist

Even though you know I lay here in despair

And you wish you could help

Though you don’t have the heart

You never loved me

I know this is true

You never knew who I was

Even though I was always talking to you

And maybe I’m not pretty

Though I know I’m not fat

Though I know you know

There’s a lot more to me than that

So take off your outside

And feel what you do

I know this is something

I’m forcing onto you

But maybe it’s for better

Maybe it’s for more

Maybe I can’t feel it

Don’t make me worse off than I ever was before