The Flood Chapter 7 The Flood

JhaJha awoke to the pitter patter of falling rain. For a moment she smiled and let the soothing sound lull her back to sleep. Her eyes began to close and her head to droop. Suddenly they snapped open. The boy would need her help! Silly thing, he didn't even have a door. She jumped out of bed and threw on an old robe. Any clothing would do, and besides, the tough material was practically waterproof. Without a seconds hesitation JhaJha grabbed a covered lamp and a blanket. She was off. Rounding the corner, she was about to run down the hill and into the town when she stopped short. The little town of Nevenhagen had disappeared underwater. They . JhaJha stood there, stunned. Then she broke into a run. The water was rising fast, but it still hadn't reached the hole in the hill. She jumped from hilltop to hilltop, avoiding the water when she could. Finally the exhausted girl reached Mugsy's hill. Down she climbed until she was on the ledge above it.

JhaJha leapt down and was amazed to see Abius and the rest of the town staring back at her. They were safe.

Meanwhile, a disgruntled Mugsy worked his way to the front of the crowd and addressed JhaJha.

"Where's the orb? You can use it to stop the storm y'know. Cause this ain't no natr'l storm- this be witchie." He asked.

"Silly boy, I didn't bring it here! It is very fragile!" JhaJha stopped, realizing her own folly. "Oh no! I must go back for it! Here are some blankets for the children. You should be safe here. I don't think the water can get this high before I return." As she turned to leave, she felt a thin hand on her shoulder.

"I'm coming with you." Replied Mugsy, "Someone needs to help you if the sorcerer's there."

JhaJha almost grinned at his playful insult. Deep down, she was slightly relieved. She'd never met a fully trained evil magician before.

Back the pair went, over the undulating hills, to JhaJha's little hut. They reached the door without incident. JhaJha had to search for the key, and the two failed to notice a dark figure slip out the back door. As it faded into the distance, the storm stopped. It was only then that JhaJha found the key and the two wre able to tumble inside.

"Well, I think it's ok. Nothing seems out of place. Let me go check on the orb." JhaJha said and disappeared into the back room. When she did not return in a half hour, Mugsy went in after her. She stood transfixed, staring at a crystal orb.

"What's the problem? The orb is there, isn't it? Lets go!" The boy said impatiently.

"Oh, there's an orb all right. It's just not mine. My great- grandfather's orb is gone." JhaJha said dully, all hope long since departed from her heart.