I'll Be Wearing Red
By: Magelet

Part 1:

"Red, I'll be wearing red." Gaia, under the alias of Faith Poe at the time, spoke into her cellular telephone.

"That's great," Came the voice of a man named Ian Davidson from the other end of the line. "I'll meet you in the park by the angel fountain at five, alright?"

"That's wonderful. Just remember, I'll be wearing red." Gaia clicked off her phone, tossing her mane of dark-chocolate hair out of her way, and tucking the mobile in her small purse. Adjusting her short red silk dress, she glanced at her designer watch, muttering to herself. "Two hours." It was three in the afternoon on July fifteenth, and she had two hours to prepare for number four.

Now, innocent Ian had no idea that he was about to become number four for Gaia. Or, actually, in his case, number one for Faith. In the past, there had been three other men, and three other names for Gaia.

The first she had used her real name, never expecting things to turn out as they did, and they had been pretty Gaia and the most sought-after handsome Coren. That had ended quickly as soon as she found him cheating on her and rid herself of the problem.

The obsession sprung from there and it became a game- fun and fierce; exciting. Gaia found one way to find the men that worked very effectively. A personal add in the newspaper.

As a result of the same article in three different cities, there had been the soft Sean with his Irish lilt for Skye, and the one of a kind Xavier. Xavier with his masculine perfection as fine-tuned as Coren's had been, except for the former's mismatched blue and brown eyes for Opal. Now the unsuspecting Ian would fall, literally, at her feet. All of them she had taken care of with a kiss goodbye.

In her apartment, one block away from the street alleyway where she had made the phone call, Gaia checked to see if everything was in place and that her outfit was perfect. One slender dirk was concealed in each boot that reached the middle of her calf. An ancient lady's hairpin dagger was styled in her locks to keep most of them back from her face. Another old-fashioned weapon was another lady's knife hidden in the bodice-styled top of her dress. The last touch to her outfit was a black handbag that held a small pistol, just incase things went awry.

The fire engine red lipstick she had coated her lips with was glaring against her pale complexion. The black contact lenses and fake black wire-rimmed glasses she'd donned in this particular disguise matched the bright red dress.

She always wore red at times like these. Different outfits depending on the current occasion, but always red.

Some people may think it odd that Gaia was leaving her current abode covered in concealed weaponry and in disguise, but to her it was as normal as the sun rising in the east by this time. The alias was easy to remember as well, she used one of her several middle names, her full given name being Gaia Faith Skye Opal Poe.

Locking the door behind her, she left her apartment on her way to the park. A walk before the meeting wouldn't hurt.

Strutting down the city sidewalks, Gaia got a few sideways glances in her direction and responded to each of them with a wave of her manicured hand. Inhaling the filthy air deeply, she was reminded of the factory that her father had worked in before his untimely death.