you got me where you wanted
guess we are back were we started
life never was fair
you wern't one to care

stars fall down...

crawled out from the pain of yesterday
tried to think of something to say
couldn't find the words to speak
now my future all seems bleak

we are all innocent if you say so...

I wish i coudl escape this
but it's just so damn contagious
being human things like this happen
it's seem liek your heart you start wrappin

I'd sell my soul if you only knew...

I wish i never heard of cancer
I wish God would give me some answers
I wish i could aproach you
I wish to my heart i could be true

sorry i'm not enough...

I'll sing a song for you
I'll write it pure and true
one day you'll have to let it go
One day there will be nothing left to know

Or am i losing hope...

Say a prayer for me
untill the next time i see
your smile like the sun
mayeb by then your heart i will have won

One day you'll have to let it go...