I look into your eyes
what i see is amazing
it makes me feel so different
it reminds me i'm alive
even when things get hard
there is something about them
I noticed it when the light was right
reminds me to breathe
feels like looking at the sky
then my body burts into shards
my heart left alone
flies up
to become one with the sky
and i am no longer me
but one with the sky
at least that's what it feels like
like i'm breathless
like i'm flying
like i'm beautiful
like i matter
they laugh at you
but i'll shut them up
you have beautiful eyes
your secret it save with me
i wont tell anyone
just dont let them fade
they wouldn't be the same
without a dream behind them
I want a hero tonight
please dont go
i can see the music
i'd sell my soul
if you would know
how i feel
when i'm
with you
and everytime
I look in your eyes
I see myself
and i see much more
so much more
and Thank God
for your beautiful eyes
that give me hope
and give me strength
so i can stay alive
and keep living
with you by my side
just keep those eyes alive for me