These thoughts run through my fingertips
on to everything i touch
they get picked up by someone like you
and to you they dont matter much
I dance along the water ripples
while you watched and ran
along the surf trying to reach the stars
to try and be a better man
the pedals fall like tear drops
and the tear drops fell like rain
i try so hard to reach you
but to you it's all the same
i try to reach you like i did before
as the sands of time go by
time has changed you
but i see the truth when you sigh
it's not enough to lose you
it's not enough to get you back with me
it's not enough to greet you later
it's not enough for me to see
it's you in the mirror behind me
It's you in the picture close by
it's you in my dreams at night
it's you in every tear i cry
i'll hold on and hold on tight
i'll wait for you and sell my soul
you don't know how i feel but i'll live
once I find you again i'll be whole