The mystery is gone
you now know what's true
The fact that I might be the one
Who fell in love with you

It keeps me awake
Thoughts in my head
sometimes for my sake
I wake up wishing i was Dead

It's so hard when i can't have you
when you are so close to me
It's hard for me to find someone new
when you are all that i can see

I still feel your warmth on my lips
I still smell your scent in the air
I still see your hands on my hips
I still still feel your soft hair

but then i wake up
and it's all a dream
i reach for water in my cup
and know that it's not what it seems

so i guess i never told you
and i guess now i never will
my body lies her lifeless wondering who
while you sit by your window sill

I hear the soft music
rise above the clouds and sky
The clock begins to tick
i keep asking myself why

and now i have to tell
because before i never did
i guess earth can be a hell
specialy when you have never lived

I wish my dream was real
and to that my heart stays true
maybe then i'd be able to feel
and you'd know i'd fallen for you

But life goe son like it always does
and you dont have a clue
you smiles at me just because
and i wave a smile back at you

i hide the pain away
that wants to fly free
i just can bring myself to say
what i feel inside of me

maybe now you know