This is something I wrote for school. True story. Darrich is supposed to be me.

10 years ago there was a two year old little boy named Darrich Snirp. Darrich loved to run at this age, and thought that he was the fastest person in the world because all of the adults that he raced would slow down so that he would win the race and feel good about himself, as all adults do to children of his age. And so he would run everywhere he wandered. His babysitter, Leveny, would always be following him. He lived in New York City, and would often go on walks throughout Central Park with Leveny. There was a certain hill in Central Park that he loved to sprint down, even though at the end of the hill he would lose his balance, fall, and scrape his knee. On this spring day, however, things happened diferrently.

Darrich saw this hill approaching, and got ready to run. And as he started to run, the senses of a Golden Retriever on the bottom of the hill were aroused. At once the dog bounded off of its feet and immediately broke into sprint. His nature assumed that the boy was running because he wanted to play, and play with the boy he would.

Darrich saw the dog approaching, and immediately became scared, for he did not want to play with the dog as the dog had assumed. Although the dog was only a normal sized dog, his size was immense to Darrich. And every step that the dog took toward Darrich, his already tremendous size seemingly tripled. Darrich let out a cry without knowing it, and pure adrenaline pushed him to the greatest speed that any pair of two-year-old legs could ever run. He was too afraid to think of running away from the dog by retracing his steps up the hill, and so instead he kept on running down the hill. His adrenaline caused a burst of speed which in turn caused the dog's previous calculations of where he and the boy would meet to be incorrect, thus prolonging the dog's contact with the boy. And before the dog could realize that his calculations had become obsolete he flew past the boy, not yet having turned around to further pursue the boy, and the boy flew past him. Darrich felt the breeze of the dog's body as he passed. He kept running as the dog turned itself around in correction of his bungled calculations. He ran past a green bench that the dog's owner was standing next to while demanding that the dog stop. Opposite of the bench was a large field, and Darrich ran into it.

Although Darrich was running at top speed, he was not the fastest person in the world as he thought he was. Thus before he could travel very far the dog began to rapidly gain on the boy, and Darrich heard him pant louder and louder as he got nearer and nearer. Finally the dog caught the boy. The dog leaped upon the boy's small body, knocking him over. The dog stood over Darrich, panting and slobering, and when Darrich looked up he saw the dog, and the dog loomed bigger in the eyes of Darrich than he had ever been before. He also saw, beyond the dog's head, the owner of the dog hurrying to the spot of contact to take his playful dog away. Darrich was shocked, not understanding the situation, and being too young to know how to express himself in words, he cried. Leveny rushed to the site of Darrich's fall as well. She helped the owner take the dog off of Darrich, and tried to calm Darrich down. After a while, when Darrich was ready, the two of them got up. Leveny told him, "You should never run when a dog is near you because he'll think you want to play," and then the two of them finsished their walk and returned home. Darrich would remember this course of events for the rest of his life.

These events made an impact upon Darrich's life. He was now very careful around dogs. In two weeks he was running to his preschool as he always did. The way he always did it was with Leveny behind him trying to keep up. She had begun to grow tired of his running ahead, for she would always fear that he would take a wrong turn or be abducted by anything from a ransomist to a kidnapper to a psychopath. Today she figured that she had had enough, and for the boys own safety she knew that she must stop him from doing this. "Darrich! Come back here! I have something to tell you!" she said. He returned to her, and she further explained, "Darrich, you shouldn't run ahead like that because there's a BAD DOG ahead!" Leveny felt guilty about the telling of this lie, but knew that it had to be done. She did not know that Darrich had developed a fear of dogs, but used a dog as the example anyway.

This bad dog struck fear into the heart of Darrich, and for the rest of the day at school he made sure that everybody knew that there was a bad dog in the neighborhood. This provoked several calls home, forcing Leveny to tell him that the dog had been taken away.

And Darrich's little fear of dogs did not stop there. In a few years various owners of dogs wouldn't be able to help but tell him that their dogs wouldn't bite as he gingerly stepped by them. Darrich could never run where dogs were present again, and would always stop running when he saw one.

Darrich would often wonder why he avoided dogs as he did, and sometimes the aforementioned course of events would linger in his mind, but it would never stay there for long. One night, however, while wondering what he should write an English assignment about, the experience began to waver into his conscious. He took a minute to recollect the 10-year-old memory, and began typing away...