How silly of me,

I mean really,

To think that YOU would EVER do something wrong,

And to think that I would ever do something right,

Where was my head?

I mean, obviously,


You're obviously perfect,

You've obviously never hurt anyone,

You've obviously never felt a certain way.

How silly of me,

To completely forget that I CAN change the way I feel,

Just to make you happy,

Nevermind what I want,

What I feel.

How silly of me,

To forget that YOU are in charge,

In charge of making everyone happy,

In charge of telling everyone what to do.

How silly of me,

Where was my head?

Oh ya, on my shoulders.

Maybe if you stopped being a hypocrite,

Maybe if you stepped back and looked at yourself,

You would see that YOU can do something wrong,

Or are you afraid,

Afraid of what you'll see?

It's true, the real you can be a scary sight sometimes.

But don't worry, no one else can ever see it,

They just fall right back into your charms,

But I won't, not this time,

Not ever,

Because I've seen it,

And it's ugly.

But how silly of me,

How silly of me to feel this way,

To write this,

After all,

I'm always wrong,

And you're always right,

I mean really?

Where was my head?