She had never felt this way before. She didn't know how to react. She had a pressing feeling that at any moment, she, her essence, the person that she really was, would come bursting our of her skin and run away, leaving behind everything; her old ways, her old life, the old Sarah. Maybe then she could find the answers, or better yet, the questions.

But for now she sat, in complete and utter silence. The others had fallen asleep, but she couldn't even close her eyes. Every time she tried, she felt like was missing something, like something had just gone by, and she had missed it. No, for now, she had to figure things out.

She looked around. The lights were dim, but she could see plenty. Leslie was fast asleep on the air mattress, her arm clinging to the white flowered pillow, a single strand of her golden hair hanging over her tightly closed eyes. Sarah looked at her face, her eyelids were blinking and Sarah wondered what she was dreaming about.

Her thoughts were interrupted as she turned her gaze to Emily, who was sleeping, rather noisily, on the dark blue couch, her arms up over her head. She smiled at the sound of Emily's snoring. She began to wonder how she had gotten there; how she had gotten to be the person that she was, with the friends that she had.

Sarah looked at her watch, 2:33. Just then, a strange feeling inside of her told her what she had to do. She up the recliner up and reached for her car keys. Trying not to wake the others, she snuck as quietly as possible around the air mattress and to the stairs.

She put her foot on the first step. Where are you going? she thought to herself. She couldn't answer, but she made her way up the stairs anyway. She could barely stand it anymore, this feeling of pure anticipation, but for what?

She quietly opened the door to the kitchen and out of the back door, being sure not to wake the rest of Emily's family. She slowly and unsurely made her way over to her maroon car, which was almost invisible in the moonless night.

She again asked herself what she was doing, where she was going. She was still in her pajamas and not wearing any shoes, but the dewy lawn felt oddly refreshing on her feet.

It had gotten very foggy out by now and she felt a drop of rain as she stepped into her car. She slowly turned the ignition key and the cd player immediately started up, "Mexico", by Incubus. Every time she heard the song, it reminded her of that night, that night that she drove around for an hour listening only to that song and crying, but for now, she turned it off, she needed to concentrate. On what? She didn't know.

She put the car into drive and turned on her lights. She proceeded slower than she normally did, as she could hardly see in the thick fog. She reached the main road just as the rain began to fall and she smiled at the balls of light that formed around the streetlights in the dark fog. The silence was almost deafening, and the darkness almost blinding, and now, more than ever did she need to know the answers.

Just then, she turned her head to see a green street sign, lit up by a single flickering streetlight overhead. She knew that road, she drove by it almost everyday, but never bothered to go down it. But something inside of her told her that this time was different.

She put on her blinker, the clicking almost simultaneous with her heartbeat. She turned her wheel. The street seemed eerily familiar, despite the fact that she had never been on it before. But she knew every turn, every stop sign, as if she drove it everyday.

She pulled up to the very last stop sign, her breathing had now become heavy. She knew that whatever was coming was coming soon, at any second. She turned her head left to see the empty street and then right. She felt herself shaking and tried to stop, but couldn't. The goosebumps formed on her arm as she pressed the gas and started through the intersection.

She didn't even see the other car.

As she laid in the ambulance, it all made sense. She closed her eyes, and never opened them again...