The Rainstorm

Pit pat, pit pat, soft little raindrops

Rumble, rumble, off in the distance

Pitpat, pitpat, raindrops growing larger

Louder rumbling, coming closer

Patpatpatpatpat, louder rain, coming faster

Rumble, louder and louder still

Crackle, a lightning bolt off in the distance

Rain splattering over the landscape

Rumble! Crackle! Lightning strikes over head

Animals take cover, soon tucked safely away

CRASH! Lightning strikes a tree

BAM! A branch falls off, burnt at the edge

Patpatpatpatpat, rain still falling steadily

Rumble, crackle, off in the distance again

Pat pat pat, rain slowing down

Rumble, far away now

The branch, still resting on the forest floor

Curious animals investigate it

Rumble, so faint you can barely hear it

Pit pat pit pat, soft little raindrops

The storm is over