Disclaimer: This is my poem. It is completely original.

Author's Note: As always, poems express the writer's feelings. This is what this poem does for me. These words came from my heart, not my mind.

Where my heart lies

I see it in the distance:

A tower of green

Beckoning irresistibly,

As a lamp to a moth.

My guiding light

From the depths of my soul,

Goading me to follow my heart:

My heart lies there.

The warm sunlight

Caresses me lovingly;

The green leaves enwrap me

In comfort and tranquility.

A carpet of pine needles

Presses soft against my feet;

A branch strokes my face

Like the hand of my mother.

My kin are the trees

That stretch tall above me,

And the deer cavorting gaily

Over dandelion meadows.

Each day is a bud

That opens into a beautiful flower.

And free as a bird

I roam my mountain home.