N.B Here is a poem that I wrote last year. It isn't very good, but I think that it has some good points about it too. Please tell me what you think.

Ta, Kermit

The Boy From the Outside

There is a boy outside of the house I am in.

He is looking in on everyone inside.

In envy.

He wishes he could be here

Occasionally, he finds his way through

The locked door- he finds his way in to us.

We always give him food and drink

To make him comfortable.

He falls asleep with us, but when he wakes,

He is back, locked outside again.

If only he could stay-

Forever maybe!

He tells us of his tales

Of the lonely outside world he lives in.

The hungry wolves that tear at your soul-

Begging for you to feed them.

Then they begin to feed without permission,

Making you weaker and weaker as each

Second goes by.

I sometimes feel the loneliness that

The boy lives with each day.

As if he and I are the same person-

Sharing the same memories.

When I wake after his visits,

I see this boy –

Looking hungrily in on us.

I am lucky to hardly ever feel his sorrow,

But I would rather never feel it at all.