Broken Rainbows

Broken Rainbows at my feet

Sweat lines my brow.

My cheeks are tinged with crimson effort

My legs wonder how…

Broken teardrops mingle in the castle of my dreams

Sea salt drips in circles in my head.

I'm lying down upon the shore

I'm lying in my bed.

It's hot outside, and rainy.

It's muggy and it's cold.

There's a feeling of something coming

Like the magick times of old.

Like the dolphin

Swimming in the opalescent sea.

Like the fairies hiding places

Stealing things from me.

Babies crying for their mums

Trying to hold on.

Picking up what kindness comes

Where a person can belong.

When you're different on purpose

And you rejoice in greenery.

When you don't believe we are the best

From sea to shining sea.

I wonder why my heart contends

With people in the sky.

I wonder when the death will end

I often wonder why.

There's happiness in Summer walks

Through forest, park and pond.

There's glory in the finding

Of where water runs un-conned.

Wear the snake around your neck

If it you fancy so.

Wear the bees inside your crown

Wherever you may go.

Be cautious of the fool

Be friendly to your kin.

Be loving to the friend you have

You'll never hurt them again.

The Spring will follow Winter

The Winter follows Fall.

There aren't any limitations

Our passion is a wall.

There's flying ravens in the sky

We see and won't give up.

There's hope in every animal

Plant and living rock.

There can be no peace without sacrifice

The sun still shines on those who see.

Do people hate because

They don't know love, or how to be?