Tommy just turned 18, and is the star pitcher on the school baseball team. He's also an honors student and is looking forward to playing ball for college. It's almost a given he will be drafted to college, since he took the team to the state finals last year and has broken several school records. His high school sweetheart Gina, also an honors student hopes to go to college with Tommy as well. Graduation is just six weeks away. College scouts are all over Tommy and his team, scholarships are offered left and right.
Just when nothing could go wrong, Gina called Tommy one evening, hysterically crying: "Tommy"
"yea, Gina what's the matter?"
"I've got some terrible news to tell you." "What is it?"
"I'm pregnant"
In total shock, Tommy replied, "Are you sure?" "Yes"

The two of them weren't sure what to do. Aborting the baby was out of the question,
since both of them felt it was immoral. For the most part their parents loved and
supported them in everything they did and each of them produced a respectable child. But when they broke the news to their parents their parents wanted no part of them, and it seemed they were ready to disown them. Without their parents support, they were on their own.
With only a few weeks left in school they would both finish high school, but what
about college? They had to support themselves and another mouth to feed in about eight ~

or nine months. There was no way they could handle studying with the hours they had to
~ work. With only a high school diploma, fining a job was difficult.
Tommy found a job as a hired hand on a local dock. With little more than minimum wage, he would have to work 15-hour day just to get by. Gina worked as a waitress at a diner and her hours weren't far off from Tommy's but she'd get a free meal in the evening. They were able to find a cheap apartment within walking distance to both of their jobs. They'd walk home each day exhausted but the love between the two of them kept them going day after day. What ever didn't pay the bills was put aside for the baby.
After about six or seven weeks into working Tommy's union went on strike.
Since he couldn't bring home a paycheck, Tommy gave up hope. He went to a bar to drown his troubles away. This is now were all his time went, he didn't know if he could go home. When the bar finally closed, Tommy had to go home. He broke the news to Gina. She was upset but both of them decided that Gina would try to find away to put in extra hours and Tommy would look for a temporary job to do while the union was on strike.
After a day of arduously looking for a job, with no luck. Tommy went back to the bar without any cash, ordered a few drinks and just didn't care. After a few shots the bartender asked him to pay. Tommy's response: "I don't have a dime". Out of nowhere a man of whom Tommy couldn't see his face, said "It's raining out. take this", and handed him a black coat, and then said "there are a few dollars in the right pocket it, it'll pay for your drinks". Tommy's response: "Ah, thanks". He went into the right pocket and pulled out a few twenties and thought to himself wow this was nice of him. Tommy put the remaining cash in his wallet, there was a legitimate amount left. Tommy walked outside, just as the man said it was raining out. Tommy put the coat on and headed
home. When he got there, Gina hadn't gotten home yet. He took the coat off and noticed something in both pockets. He looked to see what was in there and pulled out a hundred dollars worth of twenties in both pockets. "Hmm that's weird," he said to himself. Apparently, he hadn't noticed any additional cash while he was at the bar .He hung the coat up and sat down trying to think of what to do next. It was getting late. Gina was probably going to be home any minute now. He went to bed exhausted form the day's work. Within a few minutes, he was out cold. About twenty minutes later, Gina came home. As she walked in she noticed a black coat hanging up, that she couldn't recall seeing before. The coat looked as if something was stuffed into the pockets. Out of curiosity she went to look to see what was in there, she pulled out a handful of money from each pocket. She thought to herself how the heck did Tommy get all of this money? She then decided to go to bed on the account that it's been a long day for her too.
Tommy woke up at a quarter after five, which was a little late for him, because he had to get ready, and then walks to work; the walk normally took about 15 minutes. He had to report to work at six, so he was in a little bit of a rush today. He took a shower, ate breakfast and then threw his coat on and ran out the door.
He continued to look for a short-term job and checked the progress on the strike. To look on the bright side It looks like
negotiations were being finalized and hopefully the strike should be over in the next few days. Tommy just couldn't
have any luck in finding that any temporary job, but if the negotiations are going as well as they look he may not need
it. Gina did managed to put in a few more hours each day. Tommy came home that evening, once again noticing that
the pockets were filled with money, this time he made sure to empty them completely but despite his best effort, the
pockets wouldn't empty money continuously came out of them. This didn't seem to make logical sense at all. It seemed
as if their money issues were no more! Tommy was tempted quit his job and go back to school. Which he decided that,
he and Gina would do. Tommy went to the dock and said that he would no longer work there and went straight to
different colleges and scholarship programs that had accepted him. Not all were still interested in him but there were
still many that were. Through they were interested in him, the first semester started in about a week and a half away.
So, it was too late to get accepted for this half of the year. Tommy then tried a local community college, which even
with the short amount of time he and Gina had no problem in getting in.
Tommy came home late that evening, Gina was already home and getting ready for bed. Tommy told her about the coat and demonstrated the infinite amount of money. Gina couldn't believe what see saw and to make matters better, Tommy told her about their acceptance to the local college.
Tommy repeatedly went back to the bar to try to find the man that gave him the coat. By now he had looked for months with no success. He wanted to find out more about him, like where he got the coat or even just to just to say thank you.
With all things considered they weren't too spoiled, they paid for a house, cars and there tuition, but other then that they didn't
spend a dime. In no time college started. A few months later and they had a son that they named after Tommy in his
honor. Gina had to resort to night school. Tommy would take care of their newborn during the night while Gina took
care of him during the day. The next few years flew by. Tommy did very well and eventually transferred to Columbia
which was still pretty local. When he completed college he went into pitching for the minor league. r- Tommy
repeatedly went to the bar to try to find the man that gave him the coat. By now he had looked for months with no success. He wanted to find
out more about him, like where he got the coat or even just to just to say thank you.
Gina stayed local but graduated just a semester latter and found a night job that paid a good salary. Tommy watched the baby during the night and Gina did during the day. When Tommy had a game in the evening they hired a teenage girl who was a daughter to one of the neighbors. They were getting to a point now that they were self- sufficient.
He continued attempting to find the man who gave him his coat. It was raining hard today .He noticed a man with a familiar face and in a familiar situation. A man was drinking a few shots the bartender asked him to pay. The stranger's response: "I don't have a dime". Out of nowhere Tommy mysteriously walked up and said, said "It's raining out, take this", and handed him a black coat, and then said "there are a few dollars in the right pocket it, it'll pay for your drinks". The stranger's response "Ah. thanks"