Yume no Uta

Song of Dreams The Tale of Takashi Ryuuzaki and Amemiya Seira

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Chapter Ten

It was the day.

At last.

Last minute preparations were still under way.

"Oh f*ck! Where's my foundation?!" a girl shouted.

She raced down the corridors clad in a robe.

"Really, Kawasaki-san," a passing teacher tutted. "Such language. And don't scream in the corridors."

The girl did not hear. She had long disappeared down the corridor.

The girls' changing rooms was chaos itself.

"Has anyone seen my lipstick?!"


"Shit. What do I do with this?"

"My costume!"

"Don't step there!"

The girls' side was technically off-limits to the male population. But they would have kept their distance at any rate.

Besides, they were having problems of their own.

"Oi! That's my hat you nearly squashed!"

"Stop playing with my sword!"

"Do we really have to apply this… stage makeup?!"

"F*ck! I can't find my stuff."

"You morons! You just threw my props over the railing!"

The male side was, if possible, worse.

"I'm really nervous!"

The girl shivered.

Her friends around her looked sympathetic.

"Yeah, what if I forget my lines…"

"There's that part…"

"You'll be fine."

The students were all seated in the canteen enjoying an early dinner.

The dinner had been intended for enjoyment.

But none of the students were in such a frame of mind. Quite the opposite in fact.

The teachers too looked less than their usual selves.

"Oh, why can't it be over!? I just wanna get it over and done with!" was the general sentiment.

Nervousness together with sleep-deprivation resulted in short, frayed tempers.

Cat fights and brawls broke out over the food queues.

"I got a record 5 hours of sleep last night…" one student muttered.

"Consider yourself lucky. I was in school the whole night."

"Oh no! Risa-san! What do you mean by you brought the wrong one?!" the anguished cries of the Choir president drowned everybody else out.

The girl, Risa, sat unconcerned.

She shrugged.

"Exactly what I said. I brought the maroon one by mistake."

"But everybody else is wearing black!"

Risa ate her food indifferently.

"Do you think the audience will even notice?!"

"Ohhh!" the Choir president threw her hands up in frustration.

Risa shrugged and went back to her food.


His sister stormed into his room.

"Stop sleeping!"

She threw a pillow at him.


Ryuuzaki merely grabbed the pillow and hugged it.

"You're picking Sei-chan up in fifteen minutes and you're not even dressed yet!"

She prodded him with her foot.

"Oh, all right."

He threw the pillow back at her.

"Good. Now get up!"

She stormed out of his room.

The door banged shut.

Seira tugged uneasily at the collar of his dress shirt.

His reflection blinked back at him.

I look like a ghost…

"Sei-chan! Quit staring at the mirror and come down and show your sisters how you look!"

A commanding voice floated up the stairs.

Seira gave one last tug on his collar and trudged down.


Horrified exclamations filled the air.

"You are so not wearing that!"

"It's so… so…" words failed her.

"… Sane?"

"No. Boring!"

"I thought we taught you better!" Saya exclaimed in indignation.

"Honestly, you have no fashion sense!"

They pushed him back up the stairs.

"Change. Now."

"I'm supposed to wear this."

But no one heard.

The contents of Seira's wardrobe were strewn about the floor.

Sayuri sat in an untidy heap in the middle.

"None of these will do," she declared.

"Where do you get your clothes from?!"

"Ano… 'nee-chan, you bought most of them."

They snorted.

"We certainly did not."

Seira saw it futile to argue.

Sayuri continued rummaging.

"Ah, what about this?" she pulled something out.

"Finally, something that looks like what we'd buy."

The sisters nodded their approval.

"Umm… grandmother gave me that for Christmas, remember?"

His sisters chose not to hear.

A car pulled up in the driveway.

Sayaka ran to the window.

"That must be Ryuu-kun."

Seira blanched.

Sayaka threw open the window and shouted down, "Ryuu-kun! Mou, you're early. Just hang on a moment."

"Ano… why is Ryuu-kun here now?"

His sisters gave him a look best reserved for idiots.

"Because, you have to get there somehow and I don't think you can walk that far. And we're going with Nagisa-san later to watch."

Sayuri grinned, "Besides, he offered."

"He didn't say anything to me!"

"Because you were busy."

Seira sulked.

"Anyway, are you going to put this on or do we have to?"

She threw the garment at him.

It was…

"A poet's shirt?" Seira asked dubiously.

In a deep wine colour.

"And these."

She threw him more clothes.

Seira caught them numbly. He stared at them.

"You're keeping Ryuu-kun waiting. And you'll be late," she reminded.

Seira changed.

I'm going to die from embarrassment in this.

"Sumimasen Ryuu-kun to keep you waiting."

Ryuuzaki turned.

He had been examining an old family portrait hanging oh the wall.

He opened his mouth to say something but…

Nothing came out.

He could only blink at Seira.

Ryuuzaki snapped his mouth shut and tried again.

"Konbanwa, Sei-kun…" a smile tugged at his lips, "Aneki-tachi dress you again?"

Seira blushed and glared, "it's not funny. I know I look stupid."

He spun around and began walking out.

"I like it."

Seira turned his head to see Ryuuzaki smiling at him.

"See?! Ryuu-kun has good taste!"

Seira's sisters bounced into view.

"And were you going without saying goodbye to us? How heartless!"

They ran up to him and glomped him.

"Ach… I can't… breathe!"

They released him reluctantly.

Then took a few steps back to admire their handiwork.

Eventually, they allowed Ryuuzaki and Seira to walk out of the house.

After fussing with Seira's collar excessively.

"Break a leg, Sei-chan!" his sisters called as they waved.

Seira looked at them.

"What? It's an English thing that means good luck!"

The Lamborghini drove off.

Sayaka pulled out a camera.

"I'm going to capture everything on film," she grinned wickedly.

Sayuri looked none too impressed.

"I have something better."

She whipped out a V8.

Evil laughter filled the house.


Seira nodded in reply.

They sat the rest of the ride in silence.


Girlish screams pierced the air.


The girls swooned and drooled over Ryuuzaki.

"And Amemiya-kun, you look really good!"

"Yeah, I love the shirt!"

They swooned and drooled over him too.

Seira wondered whether all members of the female population had the same outrageous taste in fashion.


They were accosted by the secretary.

"You're supposed to be in the auditorium!"

He was looking decidedly frazzled. His glasses kept slipping down his nose.

"Takashi-kaichou, you're…"

Ryuuzaki nodded impatiently.

"Hai, I heard."

He turned and smiled at the girls, "Sorry ladies, but we have to run. Ja!"

The three boys left.

1… 2… 3…

The lights dimmed.

A spotlight focussed on the stage.

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen…"

It had started.

Seira shifted on the piano bench.

Quietly, he arranged the scores.

The welcome speech ended.

The stage lights came on.

Seira started playing.

Slowly the curtains were drawn apart.

It had truly started.


All performers and backstage crew were resting backstage.

"Ne, Ouka-san, don't look so nervous. You'll be fine," Seira told her soothingly.

The poor girl was practically shaking.

"I can't help it," she smiled faintly at him. "I'll be up on stage with everyone…"

Seira patted her shoulder reassuringly, "Daijoubu. We rehearsed it remember?"

She nodded. "Hai… thanks for your help, Sei-kun."

"Don't mention it."

"But Takashi-kaichou, he…"

"He doesn't think you're hopeless any more."

Ouka shook her head.

"But I'm no where near you. Ne, Sei-kun… he'd really rather it be you…" she trailed off.

"Oh," Seira ducked his head.

"Shhh! No more talking! We're staring again!" somebody whispered.

"Oops. I have to run."

Ouka hurriedly took her position in the wings.


Silence fell backstage again.

"And lastly…"

The curtains drew apart for the last time.

Ryuuzaki and Seira walked onto the stage.

Silence fell over the audience.

Alone, I wonder

did you ever love me?

Or was it just a dream,

a wish in my heart?

The haunting notes of the flute filled the air.

Were you ever there

when I called for you?

When I cried, did you hear?

I was always there,

but you never saw.

And you never knew

what I could not say.

Seira could think only of Ryuuzaki.

And still I wonder

did you know I loved you?

Or was it Them you saw

that surrounded you?

The song ended.

The audience burst into thunderous applause.

Ryuuzaki and Seira took a bow.

And then the curtains closed for the last time.

Outside, the audience was giving them a standing ovation.

The night was over.

It had been a success.

But despite the adrenaline and thrill surging through him Seira could not help but feel a little empty.

Everybody was outside mingling with the audience.

Even the backstage crew.

Only Ryuuzaki and Seira remained backstage.

""Ne, Sei-kun…" a strange look crossed his face. "You played really well."

Seira blushed. "Aa. Arigato, Ryuu-kun."

Awkward silence fell.

Ryuuzaki stepped closer.

"Sumimasen, Sei-kun…"

He leaned forward and

Kissed Seira gently on the mouth.

Seira's mind went blank.

Ryuuzaki broke the kiss and stepped back.

He looked almost apologetic.

"Suki da, Sei-kun."

Ryuu-kun likes… ME?!

In one bound Seira had flung himself on the other boy.

"I… I love you too… Ryuu-kun."

Daisuki da…

In a dark corner backstage.

A girl turned off her V8. Another kept her camera.

"Looks like they didn't need our help after all."

They high-fived each other and left.

"But damn. I was looking forward to Plan B."

Author's notes Done! And sort of right on schedule. ^^ Yup, they finally got together. ^^ I'm glad to finish it. I've had fun writing it. Especially the sappy part… I couldn't stop laughing. And it's not really sappy, is it? Sap is just so not me. _

Thank you to all the wonderful people who reviewed this story. XD And also to my two regular reviewers, Tsuyuno and Shadow Kei! *glomps*

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