I love the man you used to be

The you of days gone by

But now you're blind and cannot see

The ways you made me cry

So now I get to move ahead

And leave you in my wake

No longer do you fill my head

I'm over the heartbreak

I look at you and see a child

The man has gone away

You used to be so meek and mild

But now you've gone astray

You're not the man you used to be

I think that man has died

Yet some day you'll grow up and see

The tears that I have cried

But by then I'll be long gone

So far away from here

You'll want to tell me you were wrong

That your heart still holds me dear

And there is where the fun does lie

In this perpetual game

I get to sit and watch you cry

Just as you did the same

Yet I'm afraid that I cannot

Sink to this terrible low

Despite the pain your lies have wrought

I can't return that blow

So when that day does come to you

And your eyes can finally see

Call on me, I'll see you through

And friends we'll finally be