That picture of Us
Based on actual events

I sit here looking at our picture
I wonder about me and You
Your arms were wrapped around me
And your smile had shown through

A blush had spread across our faces
Not that we had seen
I lean against you with a smile
Dreaming of days that had been

I know you're somewhere out there
Are you thinking of me too
I can't seem to get you out of my head
I wonder if it could be true

I need to rest my tired soul
But it just wants to wait
All these feelings it tells me
Not sure to love or to hate

I remeber my heart skipped
When the camera flashed
Your body pressed against mine
All went by too fast

In the picture we seem different
LIke the picture shows our souls
We both seem so in love
Not like our thoughts are full of holes

THe thing is you know I love you
And the thing is I know you care
Everyone's said it for us
It just dosn't seem fair

I just can't say it too you
And you just can't say it too me
But we both have an unspoken silence
And we know what the picture really see's

It can see the true form of us
IN each-others arms
feeling love and giving love
Sheilding us from any harms

But when we arn't the picture
WE just can't seem to say
What we both feel and know
And how much I wished you'd stay

So i guess my soul and love
Is trapped inside that picture forever
If I never tell you how i feel
Then i wont be able to ever