She didn't like him. He didn't like her. They did not get along.

He came home that night, with his hands filled with bags and his car filled too. He'd been shopping that night, you see. He had been to the grocery store. She did not offer to help him put these things away. She sighed when he asked, and walked away.

His trip to the store had been intresting, now that it's looked back upon. The shelves at the store were so stocked with things he was sure that nobody wanted. He wouldn't be leaving with useless things, but he found many things he could indeed use. He watched the old woman pick up the stupid things. All the stupid things he passed right by. Stupid of here to want these things, he deceided.

He walked up and down the store's slim New York aisles looking at all the things he needed and all the things he didn't. He made his way to the drug aisle, where he remembered that they were out of the Love Drug. He grabbed a bottle and headed for the register.

He unloaded all his things from the many bags, remembering his trip to the store. He set the Love Drug on the table, and put things in the cubord. She watched him from the TV room. "Hey Listen," She shouted at him, "Have you got the Drug?"

He didn't turn to look at her. He already knew perfectly what she looked like, you see. He nodded without even turning his head. She though, chose to look at him. He was attractive and tall, which made it easier.

It made taking the Drug somewhat enjoyable. She could feel like she had a choice, like she wanted to take it. No two people ever really get along. They just do the best that they can. People used to fight, and people used to dissagree. They can make something to fix that now, they call it the Love Drug.

He walked out towards the TV room, it was already late at night. It was time they had to like each other, they were married after all. He handed her a pill, without even giving her a glance. She was glad to gulp it down, she hated this hate inside of her. He popped a pill as well.

It took a minute or two, but soon he looked right at her. She was so pretty, so full of life, and so fun to be around. He reached his hand and put it around the back of her neck, and he kissed her and she kissed him back. They looked into each others eyes, and were so strangely in love. They felt this love and it didn't feel so artificial like they'd said it would so long ago. It was this normal paart of their day, they needed it to put the love in making love.

She liked him. He liked her. They got along.