Author's Note: I previously had this up under another name, Amelie. I've moved it here because this is my support services account and I thought it would be more useful to post it here. It probably will not continue past Chapter 4, but you never know. I might have sudden inspiration one day. Until then, enjoy these five parts.

Prologue: Never Crazy

Eyes were watching her… Beautiful dark, smoke-filled eyes were watching her every step, her every movement. She felt it in school, walking home, doing homework. She felt those eyes everywhere.

He was watching her, enthralled, intrigued, obsessed. His light footsteps led him across the dark lawn. Under her window he crept, peering in. She'd be sitting at her desk, in her bed, rifling through papers, reading a book. She was perfect in every way. Absolutely every way.

He'd creep up on her, startling her. She'd turn and see just a flash before he disappeared again. All that was left was one long, stiff, white feather. Every morning she'd find a similar feather on her windowsill. Sometimes a small blue bead would be strung on it, made from beautiful turquoise. She kept them on a bracelets around her wrists.

Before he'd leave in the early morning he'd place the feather on her windowsill then turn his back to her and slowly begin to walk forward. Sometimes he'd turn to her one last time and blow a meaningful kiss filled with tortured love and beautiful lust. And then he'd be gone, disappearing into the mist or just simply vanishing.

While intriguing her, this man also frightened her. Every time she'd see him, she'd clutch at her book, her blanket, anything that was in reach, in terror and wonderment. She'd stare back at him, her long lashes framing eyes wide with intrigue but also horror. He was always there, always watching. He'd be everywhere, watching her every step. Sometimes she'd think she was crazy.

She wasn't.