Final Act and MORE sad bastard efforts!

By Gabriel Ricard

I really, really hate Final Act…but alas…here we go.

Final Act

Save the nutrients

For your precious fucking encore

We're all rather tired

Of the act

And your failed attempts

At making us love you

It's over

Accept the end of your story


Four eyes

Six legs

And a stylish shine

Oh how I wish Car-Man

Was actually mine

I'd ride her to heaven

I'd cruise her to hell

The thing she would whisper

Why I'd never tell!

We'd have so much fun

Pretending to be alive

Angering the sun

And returning home by five

Alzheimer Cookies



Alzheimer cookies

It might be chocolate chip

Or perhaps rat poison

I can't recall

Would you like one?



Rapture at long last

So close yet…