Healthy and other assorted pieces of garbage

Written by Gabriel Ricard

A few thrown together. Enjoy.



In your attic and create your own


The nurse and her needles

Will make you feel


Christian Rock

Sink into the sand on the youngest beach

Purchase the faith you can not teach

Exploit for your gain

And pretend to take a stand

When it doesn't fucking work

Start a godly rock and roll band

Burning Homeville

Dedicated to Sussex County and 97 % of its inhabitants.

I speak of misery and ignorance

And the ghetto in their minds

The imaginary world they inhabit

Within the hate they easily find

A tribute to rage, hate and, apathy

So documentary in it's plot

They have a plan within their hood

So easy to fuck and beg it for more

I could simply destroy it from behind their vain door

To burn through their minds and escape for my life

Is so fucking easy

If only I can perfect the sharpest knife