Intact and so much more my friends

Written by Gabriel "MUC KING" Ricard


Here we are

Still together

A sentimental homage

To the unlikely

That being of course

The simple fact

That we have not

Destroyed one another


Dedicated to Diane Shultz

Gabe = coke

Coke = Gabe

Gabe + Gabe = coke

Coke + coke = Gabe

62 Shadow Kiss

Julie is not a remarkable girl

Yet she has witnessed

Ghosts in her hallways

Always when she's alone

She believes them

Without caution

And hates herself for it

Banging her wrists

Usually on the sink

For effect of course

Spitting on God

While thanking them

They're with her forever

Lighting the trail

And burning the leaves and animals aside

Also returning

Her unwanted emotions

Stroking the hair

Parting thighs

And breathing cold air inside

Making her shudder

She's finished

So addicted

One of the ghosts