"Dear...well, you should know who you are by now.

"Night after night I think about you. I want to call you, but it certainly wouldn't be right. Not after all this time apart. Many a story and poem have been written for you, expressing my confusion and my loneliness. But now, I'll have to say, that this is the last song that will be sung for you, my friend. It's a shame, because your name was so fun to write on my paper. Until I see your face again and you reassure me that I'm wrong, I'll sit here, waiting patently, without cry or complaint. I've given up on trying to find you and bring you back. You have until the weather turns cold again to show me that you have survived the summer.

"And I'm still wondering why I didn't talk to you that bright summer day. I had the whole speech written down on a piece of ripped loose-leaf, in bright green ink. I still remember writing it after that test. I had taken it in, memorized it. I would sit you down, after school, just you and me. I would finally say I'm sorry. For all the times I had hurt you, broken you, teased you. For every time that I had pushed you away; for every time I clung on too tight. For every time I told your girlfriend that you were gay, for every time I had stolen your books without asking, yelling for you and crying for no reason at all...for all those little things that you hated, but never scolded me about. You never raised your voice at me in any way, ever. I would then thank you, for finding me in that room of crowed people. For making me smile, for keeping me alive one more night. I'd probably be crying by now as I told you the truth about everything I've ever kept from you. I'd thank you over and over for being there, although you really weren't in any form anyone else would understand. I would make you realize how important you were to me, and how much I looked forward to seeing you smile and making me laugh every day. I would try to explain why we've been drifting apart, but how this was one of our better years in a life full of separation. I'd tell you how much I missed those late night phone calls and happy little letters that you would send. I would say that I was concerned about you, and how much a cared, and how much of a part of my life you've grown to be. I'd ask you, through teary eyes, what I did wrong, and why we weren't close anymore. And you'd say 'Sara, we've always close, best friends, you've just been too stupid to realize it.' And I'd smile, get up, and go along my way, knowing that we would survive the summer.

"But that bright summer's day came too soon, and while you were sitting there, I lost my words. I never got to apologize for my hurtful actions, or thank you for keeping me sane. I never got to tell you how important our friendship was, and how you were drifting away. I never got to tell you how much I loved you.

"And that is why I sit here in dread, fearing that we...or, mostly I...won't survive the summer."