Original Poetry all © to moi. Thanx a bunch to GeminiLady for suggesting I do another one from the Plagiarist's point of view. It was a very good idea!

I take away, when you give in,

I slink around, beneath the dimness,

In the light of your mind.

I steal your things,

I steal your brain

I wish for you to go insane.

Inside me,

There lives a mastermind

Who can't think for himself.

Light of your mind,

There's a pipe that flows

To and from your brain to mine.

You get my useless ideas,

In exchange for all the

Light of you magnificent mind

Inside me.

Inside me,

There lives a lonely soul

Who's only ashamed of herself.

When will you give in

Why don't I give up?

It's an addiction,

It can't be stopped

I'll steal your soul,

Or else I'll die

Of shame and embarrassment.

Inside us,

There are only dark thoughts

Of why we're afraid of ourselves…