I Will Survive

Drenched by the rain

Feeling nothing but the pain

There where you left me

Having taken me away from me

Everything is breaking down

All I want to do is drown

I want to see the end of it

Not fall to pieces bit by bit

The black is closing in on me

I'm not even trying to break free

And than I see a tiny ray

Where it's from I cannot say

It's killing all the darkness

And gifting me a harness

It's bringing out the me in me

It's showing what's inside of me

There's zeal, there's grit…tenacity

No place for weakness or self-pity

I feel myself, I'm coming to

I know it now, I don't need you

You thought that you could shake me

You thought that you could break me

You thought you'd walk me by

You thought you'd make me cry

But now I'll have you know

Oh yes! To you I'll show

I will live, I will strive