Shooting Star

By: Sorceress Yuna

People say when you see it

Make a wish and admit it

You have no idea how much I feel for you

And I knew you'd never love me the way I do

All I want is to be friends

But why are we still distant in the end

Is friendship too much to ask

I can't always hide my true feelings with a mask

To others you're as unimportant as a plat

But did you know to me you were so much more than that

You're perfect to me in every way

I just can't stop thinking about you everyday

Why can't you see

Just how much you mean to me

Please stop fooling around

My heart, my feelings can't take another round

I don't want to keep suffering like this

Please take me out of this mess

I looked up and saw a shooting star

How I wish I was the one instead of her in your arms

Shooting star, please grant my wish

I really think I deserve more than this

Please make him understand

So that we can be at least friends

It flew across the sparkling sky

Before I could even realize

I made my wish as it shined on my face

But soon carried my wish and was gone into space

Author's note: personally, this poem didn't make sense to me _ but i hope u liked it. I'm still new at poetry, please leave any comments or advice u have, I'd be really glad. (o.O all these poetry got into me, wen i talk i even rythme now O.o)