"Go on then, Kryder! Do it already!" Rotter's voice sneered at Michael Kryder. "You're sure I won't get caught then, Rotter?" Kryder asked reluctantly. "Geez, Kryder, you're too soft! Just go in the window and grab the thing! You'll be out in a second. The plan's foolproof!" Rotter scoffed. Some of his friends snickered behind him. "I don't trust you.." Kryder started to say, but Rotter interrupted him. "Dan," he said to one of his friends, a big, burly-looking boy who Kryder certainly did not want to mess with, "Go and break that huge nose of his." Dan smacked his pork chop sized fist into his huge, hammy hand. Kryder, a string pole who was none too quick on his feet and definitely no match for Rotter's thug, jumped. "All right, all right! I'll go!" Kryder climbed onto the trashcans that were in front of the window that Rotter wanted him to climb into. Earlier, Rotter and his thugs had cornered Kryder by the trashcans and had told him to steal the sausages from the cook's kitchen for them. Kryder had, obviously, denied this offer, telling them that he didn't want any trouble. But, here he was anyway, sticking his skinny scarecrow body through the window. He now knew why Rotter had wanted him to go in. Kryder was easily the only person small enough to actually fit through the window. He stretched as far as he could, trying as hard as he could to reach the sausages that sat on the cook's chopping board. If only he could have heard Rotter's cries of "Run! Everyone! It's Pickle Juice! Kryder, get out of there! Come on man!" but Kryder was totally oblivious. His eyes were on those sausages. He had to do this thing; he may as well do a good job. Just a little bit ! He had them! Slowly, Kryder pulled himself back out of the window, the sausages in his hand. "Rotter! Rotter, I've ." Kryder looked down to see not Rotter, but Sister Prudence Cucumber-Broth, better known to the students of St. Margaret of the Holy Rosary Beads as "Pickle Juice". Kryder tossed the sausages back through the window. "Michael Kryder! I would expect this of Mr. Rotter, but you! Of all people! Come with me!" Sister Prudence pulled Kryder off of the trashcans by his ear. Kryder gave a pained look at Rotter, who sat there with a smug look on his face. Kryder's look of pain changed to one of pure hatred. "Sister Pickle.I mean Sister Prudence, Thomas set me up! They were going to break my nose if I didn't do it!" "I see," Sister Prudence said, "We'll see what father McMurphy has to say about that!" she still had Kryder by his ear and took advantage of this by yanking him ahead, causing a shock of pure agony to shoot through Kryder's entire head.