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\ "Jill?" Jeremy felt light, but suddenly alive. He suddenly felt so much better to hear her voice. She was the one person he needed most at the moment.\

\ "Jeremy! What the fuck are... are you doing here?" Jill's voice was a bit fragmented, but Jeremy couldn't figure out whether it was because of how frightened she was, or if she'd been hurt. "I-Is that guy, is that Carl...?"\

\ Jeremy didn't anser.\

\ "Jeremy? Is that fucking Carl out there? I didn't - I mean, I couldn't really see him that well, I can't see anything, He - He, um, He blindfolded me."\

\ "Where are you?" Jeremy said, suddenly lowering his voice, deciding to speak in a whisper. "Are you - Did he hurt you?"\

\ Jeremy heard a few soft, but even and quick footsteps before he felt Jill collapse next to him, wrapping her arms around his neck and back. \

\ "No, I mean, No - He gagged me." Jill's entire manner of speaking had changed. She kept changing her mind as to which words to select, and kept finding herself in difficult situations. "I couldn't breathe, couldn't talk, but I got rid of it, the gag - With the blindfold. When I came here. I mean, when - when I got here. You know, when he brought me here... He, he tried to - Well, I don't know if he tried to or tried not to, but either way he nearly strangled me. With, umm, with a rope."\

\ "And he tied your hands!" Jeremy could feel the rope burns on her wrists. "He... he tied mine too. But, they got looser, in the truck... They came undone a little, I could hold onto things, I mean, a railing, but I still can't get them off..."\

\ Jill reached her arms around behind Jeremy's back and pulled at the ropes until they loosened enough to slide lightly off of Jeremy's hands.\

\ "Shit," Jeremy mumbled as he rubbed each of his wrists with the opposite hands. \

\ Taking a moment to adjust his eyes, Jeremy realized he could see a little bit of the things around himself. The room wasn't very big - maybe the size of a bedroom, and had one old couch and a hard wooden floor. There didn't seem to be anything else.\

\ Suddenly, Jeremy's eyes darted to Jill. She looked so small and frail, so frightened. Jill had never been a small girl - nobody would ever call her frail. She was thin, but tall, almost 5'9", or as Jill always put it, "not quite tall enough to be a model, but tall enough to be a freak." Although Jill was thin, she was tough. She could be very intimidating, she was in great shape. She didn't have any kind of belt recognition, but her older brother had taught her karate and she trained constantly in her backyard. But then, and there - Jill looked like a very slighted, little girl.\

\ "Holy fuck," Jeremy noticed the shape of Jill's neck, "He beat you up, he beat you up bad... With the rope, your neck is all burned." There was a little bit of blood on the left side, where the rope had actually made a cut in her neck.\

\ "I'm fine," Jill coughed. She rubbed her neck for a moment before she turned around and started to help Jeremy up. "Don't sit by the door... We should stay, you know - We should go to the other side of the room."\

\ Jeremy practically walked the entire way on his knees. They sat on the other side of the dark room, just lying in each other's arms. Neither of them said anything for what seemed like aged.\

\ "What do you think - I mean, do you think he's gonna hurt us?" Jill asked. Jeremy could feel her shaking up against his skin. Jill was almost never frightened - and she was certainly never shaky.\

\ "He... He told me he wouldn't hurt me. The fucker lied."\

\ "What the FUCK did you expect?" Jill nearly shouted, suddenly noticing she had to lower her voice. Carl could have been anywhere - could be listening at any time. "I mean, honestly, Jeremy, what did you expect?"\

\ Jeremy hadn't even noticed that he'd started to cry. "I don't know... I never know. I trusted him, I, I, didn't think he wasn't crazy, and I called on him - But I trusted him. He said he'd never hurt me, so why would he... would he come right on out and hurt me?"\

\ "Because, Jeremy, he's a faggot!"\

\ The word felt like ice on the back of Jeremy's neck. Faggot. Faggot. Faggot?\

\ "And fuck you, Jill!" Jeremy shouted, again raising his voice much higher than he knew he should have.\

\ As Jeremy started to push Jill away, she clutched on tighter to the bloody fabric of his shirt. "What the fu - Why are you acting so crazy?"\

\ "I don't know, Jill, I don't know... I don't even fucking know. I mean, I don't know, how am I supposed to know? How am I supposed to know I'm not some fucking faggot too?"\

\ Jill shook her head. " 'Cause you're not, Jeremy. You're just not." Suddenly, Jill lowered her voice to a very low, light, weeping whisper. "When we were together, I mean - we never fucked, Jeremy. But, we still did stuff, y'know? And you sure weren't some cocksucker, some faggot, then, asshole."\

\ "Then how come I feel this way? How come I'm sitting here, soaked in blood, mine and yours, and - and I just want to get you somewhere safe, somewhere out of here so that I can kiss Carl again."\

\ "I, We talked about that - I said, on the phone..." Jill was interupted.\

\ "No, it's not like that. It's not that I want to be loved. I mean, I do, but I don't even care... I don't care about being loved... about being hurt, I don't fucking care about Carl... The thing that's creeping me, out, though... Is that I wish I did. I wish I cared, I wish I loved him... Like real, crazy, love. Maybe, maybe then I would... I could show him, ya don't do that. Not to somebody you love. But I have no idea... no idea, maybe that IS what you do!"\

\ The door that had been Jeremy's entrance jolted open and Carl came stumbling in. He looked somehow stronger than before, but Jeremy just assumed it was because he felt so weak himself.\

\ Closing the door behind him, Carl locked himself in the small room with Jeremy and Jill.\

\ Neither of them could really see him that well, but they heard a sniffle. Carl was crying.\

\ "I have no idea what to do with you two," Carl sobbed. "No idea at all why I'm doing this or what's going to happen next... No fucking clue..."\
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