People say that it's good to have an imagination,
But, what they don't realize is, that an imagination is a scary quality to possess.
For an imagination holds the keys to a person's future,
It decides almost every move you make.
It is you're mind.
Everyone's imagination is different,
In many ways.

Let's use mine for an example.
People tell me that I have a vivid imagination,
But, that's because they think I'm all sunshine and rainbows.
(Truth is nobody is all sunshine and rainbows)
What you see on the outside, are masks that hide what the imagination is forming on the

While people think I'm thinking about love and all things that a "normal" girl would think and dream about.
I'm not.
I'm not a not a normal little girl,
(Nobody's normal)
When people ask what I'm thinking about,
I lie.

They couldn't handle it.
My mind is not set on boys, love, and shades of pink,
My imagination, is in the dark, but not empty.
It is filled with flame, war, storms, demons and things that could frighten most human souls.

My cheerful face easily hides all that.
The imagination can be a hazardous enemy, but can be a powerful ally,
When controlled.
So maybe next time you'll try to guess what's on the other side of the mask,
(You'll never know the answer)
But, no body is all sunshine and rainbows.