Physical Matter

As I signed the contract, in my blood he curled an evil grin.
A window-shattering chill came up my spine,
This is when I realized what I had just done.
I thought it was a game, I did it all for fun.
The crimson blood ran down my hand, from the deep puncture in my fingertip.
I was finally looking scared.
He was looking content and very proud of himself.
The look in his blood red eyes, made me feel weak.

I gave it up,
For what?
I had no clue what love was.
I felt cold, alone,
I had no conscience, no feelings, no soul.
Therefore how was I supposed to return any feelings that he gave to me.
I might as well have been dead.

I wasn't even immortal.
I had just signed away my life.
For a soul is one of the elements that keeps us alive,
And I was without one.
There was no way to get it back.

I begged. And pleaded
To no avail
He gave me a cruel look, turned his back, and sent me away.
I was lost in a world of people with emotions,
With lives that belonged to them.

Not a stranger in a dark fiery underworld.
I wasn't me anymore,
I didn't own me anymore,
I was somebody else's toy
They had complete control over me
And I could've stopped it
I am just physical matter now.
A body without a soul.