The class of ten students sat patiently on the floor waiting for their teacher. Today they were going to get a special treat. Today they were going to learn about Calida Jackson. The sound of the door opening drew all their heads towards it. In walked their teacher, a young middle-aged woman. She took up position at the front of the class.

"Good morning students."

"Good morning Mrs. Williams", the class intones.

"Now yesterday I promised to tell you the history of 'The Tigers Mouth' and a young girl named Calida who helped change it all." The class stiffened, their attention enhanced. "After Calida's escape from the clutches of the nasty IGI headquarters she returned to 'The Tigers Mouth' and together they all journeyed to this very beach house, exactly 99 years ago today. Not long after her arrival here she married Dallas Thornwell, henceforth becoming Calida Thornwell. We all know of Dallas, don't we?"

"Yes", the class replied.

"At the age of twenty she gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Miranda, after her mother. Calida lived a long life of which she dedicated to helping people like us with special abilities and powers. Calida lived to the ripe old age of ninety-six, out living her husband by two years. Her picture hangs on the front entrance hall along with the other greats; her husband, Dallas; her best friends, Justine, Chad, Charlie and Amy. Special mention is also given to Paul. Calida was the creator of our motto. Did you know that?" There were shakes of yes and no. "Can everyone tell me that motto?"

The whole class took a deep breath and cried in unison, "NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN FAMILY."