Days have passed since his lover left

Yet he still sits by her side

"I cannot live, I cannot love,

I will never take a bride.

I will stand by you forever

Though you will not speak my name

I will wait for you to hear me

To say it's been a game."

Yet the sky begins to weep and wail;

The words are carved in stone

'Here is buried Heaven's Star'

Here forever lie her bones.

And he knows then that 'tis final

All but her memory slain

Her heart no more will beat in love

Her eyes won't see his pain.

He screams his anguish to the skies

"Why must you treat me so?

You take away my lady

You take away my soul.

I am not so strong as other men

Who would forget her and move on

I cannot start my life anew

Not when she is gone.

She was my guiding force in life

The light of each new dawn

She kept the Hounds of Fear at bay

She was my strength to journey on.

But now you take her far away

To a place that none have seen

Her body buried in the ground

My misery is keen.

I can live no more like this

My heart finds no tomorrow."

His eyes unseeing: twin black holes

In a universe of sorrow.

"I have failed you, my sweet angel"

-His voice a whisper in the wind—

"But I will join you now in heaven

Or hell, if I have sinned.

He whips from his side a weapon

Three feet of ice-born steel

He had drenched it in his foe's blood

Now it craves another meal.

He tips his head up to the sky

Rain mingles with his tears

His blade swings in a deadly arc

And through his heart it sears.

His life now pools about him

In a swelling crimson tide

With his final breath he cries her name

Then dies there by her side.