".and therefore, I declare the United States at war with Syria!" The president proclaimed. Rather than staying to answer the numerous questions raised by the press, he made a quick exit. After reaching the relative safety of a back room, he collapsed into an armchair to wait for his press secretary. A few moments later a diminutive woman wearing a power suit and a scowl appeared.

"I thought we agreed to wait on announcing the war, sir," she said, fuming. "This will NOT be good for your reelection possibilities! We don't have any press worthy evidence that they are up to anything. The public won't exactly like your "inside sources", sir. This is going to turn out like that terrible Iraqi Freedom scandal. All of your advisors have been against this from the start-"

"Merna! Please! Calm down. What's done is done. Besides, I have my reasons. Now where am I due next?" Replied the president with a sigh.

"You were supposed to video conference with Syrian leaders about this so called threat you see in their country, but I'm doubting that will go well now."

"I'll speak with them anyway." The president stood up and went to the video conference room. Merna followed slowly, shaking her head.

"I don't know what could have gotten into him just then. War? So soon after the last one? This is folly!"

As the president walked, a voice whispered in his ear. "Very good. A war is exactly what we need right now. Those heathen Syrians need to be shown who is boss. Begin the attack immediately!"


Satan grinned as he appeared at Saint Peter's podium. There didn't seem to be any souls waiting for sorting at the moment, which was good.

"No one to tell my little secret!" He whispered and produced a sign. "This ought to do the trick!" He disappeared, imagining Hell's soul quota skyrocketing. The words cut through the emptiness, quiet and terrible.

"Earth is forsaken. Proceed directly to Hell to receive your punishment."


AUTHORS NOTE: Hey, I'm finally updating, and yes, I know this chapter is reaaally short, but hey, I've been on majorly extended leave of absence, so give me a break. There is definitely more to come, don't worry. I actually have a true plot now, which is always nice. However, I must ask your help. Does anyone know the exact process for really declaring war? I would I like to fix the first part of this so that it is more realistic. How would one go about actually declaring war on another country? Don't you need to get the approval of the congress or something? Any info would be awesome. Oh! If any of you have been reading Tooth and Nails, I'm going back and complettteely revamping it in every way, so reread when I say I'm done. There is more to come! Things will all become clear! *evil grin* mWaHaHA! Oh, and don't worry, earth isn't as doomed as it seems *Grin*