An Autobiography of Jake Lipson For

I Jake Lipson, am extreamly big fan of J.K. Rowling's HARRY POTTER series, and LOVE writing fanfics about it. Here are some notesabout my fanfics you may want to see:

1. I always put titles in CAPS, because it's my way of drawing attention to my story. Besides, I can't put the title in italics and/or underline it like I'm taught you're supposed to, so I use CAPS instead

2. Poems normally arespurr-of-the-moment things, but I've noticed my poems have gotten more good attention than anything else on that I've submitted.

3. I am a description-lover. If I can't see it in real life, I prefur to see it in my head, and it normally works very well, and I caneven sometimes see things not decribed, so I LOVE to put in descriptions. Tell me via my email and/or via reviews of my fanfics if you
like my descriptions and/or if they help you get a picture of (what I want to) happen in my stories.

4. I understand if you give me bad reviews. I only took away my first fanfic because I didn't think it would bring you much pleasure, and because some people said itmessed with their heads, so I felt that it didn't neeed to be there to confuse anyone anymore.

5. I want to be a writer when I grow up, so the more detialed the reviews, and the better-to-understand your comments are, the better. Just saying "cool" or "not so neat because I thought it was too childish" isn't enough to help me. Tell why you liked or didn't like it, tell why you rated it "cool", or why you called it "too childish." That's what helps me. I write for experience and exposure to the world of writing. I also write to see if the public likes or dislikes my things, to see what they like so I can make my stories (and books when I grow up) the best I can make them.

6. Some of the things I see and hear and do and interact with in my homestate of Indiana, USA, help me write, because I get insperation from them. Sometimes, I never even know where my insperation comes from. I just get it. Sometimes I get it from another book. Sometimes I get it from questions and wondering, or from someone elses comment to me. Sometimes I get it from other things I WRITE. Sometimes it's from my love for descriptions and imagination. I don't know, but I like my insperations

More tidbit facts about me and my fanfics are coming soon, so check my author profile at for more bio information
as well as itself for a autobio on me that contains the same things as (and maybe even more than) my
author profile! Until then, enjoy my fanfics! :o)