RaGe, Part of the Teenage Suicide Day

The mall was full of people, smells, things. Disgusting people, worse smells, and pointless things. This is where Nyx came, every single day that she had nothing to do. She stared blankly at the people as they walked by her. Nyx didn't know what to think of them. Sometimes, they were annoying, other times they were okay. She liked to people watch, people had so much to offer.

But if Nyx had known any better, she would've realized people watched her as well. She wasn't quite beautiful, not quite ugly. She had a good figure, but she slouched to much to be said to have good posture. Her hair was, by far, the most complex thing she had on her. She had a Tri-Hawk, colored yellow and black. She wore lots of black eyeliner, she thought it made her look better. Some people told her it looked like shit. She shrugged it off. In one ear she must have twelve peircings, in the other, only two. Nothing on her face was peirced, but she had tattoos on her wrists. Her eyebrows were high and brown, her eyes were that dead, boring grey color. Her jaw line was sharp, tiny and feminime. She sat with her arms behind her chair, relaxed, mused like a cat.

Nyx was the type of girl you looked at and would instantly hate or love. A one track personality. She was not the strong heroine of a story. When someone said an asshole-like remark to her she wouldn't quip back a reply. She'de try, she just wasn't witty. She wasn't smart, or polite, or some one who you looked up to. Yea, she got her fair share of pimples. She was simply, Nyx.

Simple pretty Nyx sat in the food court. She looked so complex, and if you sat down and spoke to her she was so straight-forward and flat. She was actually kind of funny, in a ditzy way.

So there she sat, the star of my story. Nyx. She slipped her head phones on her head and leaned back in her chair, ready to enjoy the pleasure of the human race. Her friend Gaia, sat across from her. Gaia had bright pink hair and a bubble gum personality to match it. Her eyes were bright sappy blue, and her outlook on life was lined with Romance. And that's not a bad thing, but it isn't always a good thing.

Nyx propped her head onto her hands and hummed lightly, Gaia leafed through a magazine. Some magazine dedicated to music. So this is where it takes place. Two gutter punks, some mall rats, low lifes, sitting in the mall, waiting for -what- something to happen to them? Yes, there are those people that wait for things to happen, some people that watch things happen, and people that make things happen.

They weren't them.

Nyx smiled and nudged Gaia's shin.

"Check them out. They're like, Brittany Spears' back up dancers." Nyx said under her breath as the two girls dogged the three tweens. Nyx was 16, Gaia was 19. They had the authority to make fun of younger girls. It's not like these girls didn't make fun of them. The tweens shut up and walked silently by them. Nyx flicked them off and screwed her face up really bad. Gaia rolled her eyes.

"Why do you do this? Every week we come here and make fun of the same exact people. You always try to start shit, but when the situation comes you back down like the hypocrit we know you are." Gaia said, a little annoyed by Nyx's immaturity. Nyx turned around, grief in her face.

"Why do you come with me if you can't stand it then? I mean, its not like you have to. And Its not like they don't make fun of us. Sorry man, I know I'm low, and you know this to. I thought you would have figured out by now that this is how I am." Nyx said, a taken aback by her best friends honesty. Gaia waved her hand.

"No man it was't suppose to be all like some sorta insult, I'm just curious." She said, smiling her tobacco stained teeth at her. Nyx looked down and then she snapped her head up.

"Shit!" She hissed. She had her eyes fixed on some one. Some one, that, everyone fixed there eyes on.

Sven Strom. Even his name chilled her mouth as it touched her tongue. Nyx looked down quickly, but she knew it was hard to miss the two bright characters sitting in the middle of the food court.

Sven Strom was the kind of guy that makes every girl's heart lustful. Nyx was a demonstration of the power this man could produce. He went to her highschool, shared a graphics art class with her. He was tall, lean, his black hair spiked up with bees-wax. He had plugs in his ear, an instant charmer to any girl who listened to Weezer. He had high cheek bones, beautiful hard green eyes, shaped into a perfect almond. Goatee, tight shirt from the 80's, tight geek rock jeans and a studded belt, converses to match. He was most definitly a girls dream.

And Nyx had dated him. For three months they went out, and she listened to his egotistical bull shit. She had that wonderful first kiss with him, on the porch in front of Gaia's house. She had that wonderful first night with him, fucking him for those great.. Five minutes? And then he had dumped her. Two hours afterwards he had dumped her.

"Okay, well, if he decides to come over here talk to him the way you talk to your brother. You know, infantile and what not." Gaia smirked as she looked at Sven. And there it was, he saw them. He was with his two friends, Elijiah and Gavin.

"I'm not going to say anything to him. He said I was a lousy lay to his friends." Nyx gritted her teeth and took a slurp out of her drink. It wasn't like the whole school knew they had sex, or even cared for that matter, but it was still humililating. Like the time she was throwing up beer in front of Gaia's porch.

Sven walked over towards them, and smiled. Gaia smiled back and motioned them to sit down. Nyx would have kicked Gaia, except she was to far in.

"I want some pot." She trailed off looking at Sven. He was too beautiful. He was so perfect, he was from a movie. No flaws. You couldn't find them. Sven smiled at her.

"Hey Gaia, Nyx. What are you guys up to?" he said, sitting down as Elijiah and Gavin smacked each other.

"Nothing, we came to the mall cause spunky here decided that there was nothing better to do. We've been making fun of people." Sven crossed his arms on the table. He laughed, showing off his -perfect ten- smile. Crinkles forming where they should, teeth long and straight. Nyx was clawing her stomache as she held her hands inside her hoodie.

'DIE ASSHOLE! DIE! Why don't you just roll over and die, no one would miss you. I swear. Look at you, your so lame. You have to bring twits with you to prove a point. That your cool. Your such a moron. I hope you die. I wish I was god, that way I could push you over a ledge. I wish I could grip my hands-'

"What are you guys doing tonight?" He said, maybe for the second time. Nyx's smile vanished on her face as she came out of her day dream.

"Going home, sitting around, pretending we have friends." She replied, grinning some. Gaia shrugged to this confess as well.

"You guys should come to The Fountain with us. I think Elijiah heres going to be getting some drinks, so it should be fun. Pace and Rodney are coming too." Gaia nodded.

"Hell ya man. We don't have anything to do. We'll try to make it. What time will you be there?" Gaia's pretty face lit up. She had such a small nose, it crinkled when she laughed or giggled. Her eyelashes were long and soft like a camels.

"Ahh, soon as it gets dark. We might end up just crashing their. Hey Elijiah!" Elijiah turned his head, and Gavin smacked him. Elijiah kicked him in the shins. He sat down next to Nyx and smiled at her.

"Huh?" He asked, being maybe as social as a twit like Elijiah gets. "After this are we going to The Fountain?" Elijiah nodded. Nyx liked Elijiah. He had shaved off all of his hair when he was giving a show one night. Elijiah was crazy. He would run around throwing himself into walls, sometimes he was a ventriliquist. He was a horrible drug addict, and would end up in the hospital more times then most people should. He was 21 now, and by the looks of it he wouldn't be going much longer.

"Hey Nyx how ya been?" He said, kissing her on the cheek. Nyx knew Elijiah was friendly towards his girl friends, but they weren't exactly friends. She smiled shyly and looked down.

"Alright. The last time you saw me I was throwing up everything I ate from that week." She laughed at herself, remembering how trashed she had gotten. Gaia snickered.

"DOOOOD! That was you? I couldn't figure it out! Heh, man you were so fucked up! I wish I could have been that stoned!" He smiled and looked back at Gaia.

"Maybe we'll catch you on later tonight." He said, winking. Sven looked at Nyx and waved, pushing his chair out some. Nyx held her stomache and looked at Gaia. Gavin sat down fifty or so feet behind them, talking to some tweens. He would have gotten some but Sven yelled out Pedefial!-and Gavin rushed over to him with the quickness.

"I'm not getting trashed anymore Gaia. I'm sick of looking like some pothead loser to everyone." Nyx announced as they walked out of the food court. "Don't worry about it. And you shouldn't cover up who you are just to impress the people who you come to make fun of here." Gaia searched Nyx's dead eyes.

"I know, I just think if my parents could see me they would be ashamed. I mean, what I'm doing can't be right if it's illegal. And those straight edge kids, they've got so much passion for life, but all of us stoners just want to die." They walked through the parking lot, and Gaia let out a breathe of air.

"Listen Hon, those straight edge kids have a lot of hate. All they do is sit there and trash us. Anyways, if we were all the same, the world just wouldn't spin now would it?" Gaia had had a point. It takes all kinds of people to make the world go round, and, Nyx covered her face- trash was part of it.

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