Authors note

I didn't mean for this to end up so pessimestic. Inside Nyx's head it was a time bomb, or at least how I see it. I don't know many people who were as angry as Nyx, but I have come across one or two people that are. I'm sorry if this was fairly dissapointing, and if it left on that too familiar Romeo- Juliet plunge, but I didn't feel very romantic when I wrote this. Clearly. Mainly Nyx's problems just started with drugs, which are basically a portal to someone who is unstables death bed. In the first couple of chapters, it tells you how Nyx dies, it says, " Sven would be the one that would kill her in the end." The reason why Nyx dove on 103 MPH was because of Three, that's how she saw herself, an internal conflict, Man Vs. Self.

Thank you Kirstin, and Katie. Thanks Dan, my fabulous ex who probably inspired me to write the bitter half of this. Thank you Betty for reviewing this so much and keeping in contact. (Social Thursday)

Anyways, that's it. Didn't mean to make it all dark and deep, basically I wrote it for the stupidity of Nyx herself. Erm, yea. Sure you care. (:

-Dork Face