An adolescent lonely

her cries unheard to all

silence has become her destiny

heaven answering her call

she's lived a life imprisoned

never knowing the feeling of being free

never learning it all on her own

The happy world she dreamed for would never be

Her prayers never seemed to be answered

her wishes fell from the stars

her dreams shattered into a million pieces

her fantasies floated afar

her endless tears that showered

the angry thunders that came

the rushing frustration hidden within her

the disguise of her familiar name

the smile she used to hide it all

the laughter that seemed so real

the distress that lived on and on

the pain she could only feel

her yearning for attention

her wanting for some love

her earnest requests to the Lord

her benediction to the heavens above

her faith was so strong

her vibrancy filled any room

her life however, was all a lie

then the truth sent her to her tomb

Then finally it was all revealed

and the world finally knew

that her life was never near perfect

so much had she gone through

In the Name of the Father and the Son

she's last blessed

all those who knew her

pay their last respects

her casket is shut

they take one last look

the priest ends it with Amen

and closes his little black book

now silence has become golden

so much is heard and felt through the air

their tears become the rain showers

the thunder, their despair

and all those who loved her

shocked and surprised

never knew

only now did they realize

that all the sunshine

covered her tears of rain

everyone saw beauty

no one saw the pain