Starlight shifting with the breeze,
Echoing softly on the seas.
Dancing, swaying,
Light so pure.
Moments gone,
Seem so sure.

Memories, clearly, play in my head,
While I sleep, warm and soft bed.
Emotions lulled, stardust's plight,
Breathing in and out, calm and right.

Starlight shifting, diamonds in the sky,
Time spent dreaming, spirits high.
Night of Angels, a Heavens happy sigh,
Sign of love, forward and shy.

Playing, laughing, twinkle with joy,
Kissing, hugging, the night is spent.
A vast field of endlessness, all for their frolics,
A brief moment, it seems, the time is lent.

Starlight shifting, the sun's first presence,
Now the stars fade, as frightened pheasants.
A brief interlude of fun now is gone,
As the sun goes back to work, till the day is done.