The Elevator

Written by Gabe Ricard

"Yea…Chris? It's Rick…Yeah I got stuck here at work a little longer then usual. Sorry man" Rick held the phone between his ear and shoulder and glanced at his watch. "No no, don't worry we'll make the concert. Yeah It's gonna be pretty sweet. This is gonna be Karens first real concert eh? Of course I'm not counting that Backstreet Boys/Brittany Spears shit she went to over the summer. Able to get any more time with her? Well that sucks…this is why I'll never get married." He glanced at his watch again. " I gotta get going if I wanna have enough time to pick you both up an make it to the arena in decent time. I'm telling ya we should have just reserved the damn things but ohhhhhhh no you said you-Yea, yea" he laughed "See you in an hour." He hung the phone and yawned walking over to the nearest elevator.

Rick stood in front of the elevator and sighed muttering the Alice Cooper song Poison as he waited for the elevator with a mixture of anxiousness and annoyance. "I should just take the god damn stairs…I'd get to the first floor a hell of a lot faste-" Rick's words where cut short as the elevator door finally opened and Rick was about to get on but stopped at the person in front of him. She had to be at least 15 with a sleazy crack-whore gothic look to her that Rick had always found oddly attractive but felt it was one of those attractions that all people have but never act on or address as he did.

"Are you gonna get on the fucking elevator or what kid?" Rick looked to his right and saw a man at least ten years older then him wearing an Austin 3:16 shirt and faded blue jeans.

"Sorry." Apologized Rick quickly getting on and standing on the East End of the elevator a couple feet away from the girl.

"What floor?" asked the man who still kept a scowl on his face reaching for the control.


The man stopped and stood back and Rick realized that must be the floor he was getting off as well. He realized he was on the 25th floor and groaned silently realizing it would be a couple minutes. As he rubbed his temples he looked out of the corner of his left eye at the girl and turned cold as he saw her smiling at him. He was immediately taken by her missing tooth and shuddered to himself.

"You're cute," she said "What's your name?"

"Rick," he replied feeling slightly uneasy as it looked like she was getting closer to him. It looked like she was going to say something else when the elevator jerked to a halt and panic terrorized Rick's heart for a split minute before looking around and groaned again this time out loud. He didn't know exactly what had just happened but he had a pretty good idea.

"We're gonna be here awhile," commented the man crossing his arms and closing his eyes resting his head on the wall.

"Sounds good to me," grinned the girl resuming her slow walk towards Rick.

"So um..what's your…name?" asked Rick.

"Daffney," she replied an errie grin on her face as she was now a good two feet away from Rick who had slowly backed into the elevator. "I'm 15 by the way."

"But I never ask-"

"That's okay, I could tell you where wondering. You fucking anybody?"

Rick was a bit taken back more by the way it had easily come out of her mouth then what she had actually said. "Not at the moment," he replied trying as hard as he could to be casual.


"Are you a hooker?" asked Rick finally.

Daffney laughed with an endless sort of voice. "Nope." Before Rick could say another word Daffney had cornered him and planted a long deep kiss on him. Rick simply took the kiss like a deer in headlights unable to get from under her grip.

"What the fuck are you doing to my girl you fucking prick?!" Rick's eyes burst open and Daffney jumped back her errie smile never leaving her face. Rick looked over to the corner where the man who had been standing in the corner with his quiet demeanor now had a face that was even more frightening then Dafnneys. His eyes where wild and his face contorted in a bizarre mix of anger and insanity.

Rick didn't know what to say, "What? I didn'-"

Before Rick could finish whatever reasoning he could the man almost teleported to the other side of the elevator clutching Rick's head in his deceptively large hands and slammed his head against the wall. "Shut the fuck up!" Rick slumped to the ground and clutched his head with both hands. He tried to move away from the man but was kicked under his chin before he could get out of reach.

Daffney jumped up and down giggling like a demented child. Rick could feel blood forming in his mouth and felt like he was in Natural Born Killers. "What a pretty kick Matthew."

Matthew wound back and knocked Daffney into the wall then stalked over to her and planted a deep kiss on her face and grinned "Thanks baby." Matthew let go of her head and turned back to Rick while Daffney rolled over giggling.

"So you wanna fuck my Daffney huh?"

Rick tried to shake his head, "I-"

"Answer the fucking question, DO YOU WANT TO FUCK MY DAFFNEY?"

"No, I've never wanted to touch her." For a brief moment Matthews face resumed a completely calm state but within that instant the face returned to its original form and Matthew grabbed Rick by the collar and threw him into the wall. Rick's hand was now stained with blood from holding it over his mouth and he finally managed to stand up. However he wished he hadn't as Matthew pulled out a gun and at that moment Rick thought he was going to die.

"I see…So my Daffy-girl isn't good enough for you! Not enough fucking teeth in her head is that it motherfucker?!"

"Why are you doing this?" mumbled Rick loudly.

"Shut the hell up!" screamed Matthew still aiming the gun at his head.

"There's probably people near us! Shit there's probably someone working on this elevator!"

"I said shut your mouth!" screamed Matthew again Daffney standing behind him still giggling showing off her missing teeth.

Rick's mind raced with what to do next and before he or Matthew could do anything the elevator door opened and everyone looked to the door to see a slightly overweight, simple looking repair technician.

"You folks oka-Hey!" The man cried out as Rick shoved him away and bolted down the seemingly endless hallway never stopping until he was well down 95.