Just a sorry little poem I wrote as I though about a friend of mine and his girl problems. For to Steph, I guess. I hope you can make it through. Hang in there. I'm sorry...

I'm Sorry Too

I'm sorry to a lot of things
I'm not sorry to you
You held my heart and loved me
Then you tore me in two

I'm sorry to my ears
They listened to your lies
They heard all your false promises
And drowned within my cries

I'm sorry to my hands
They touched your cheating skin
Now they want to knock you down
And break you from within

I'm sorry to my legs
They've walked a million miles
To find that you're guilty again
Through all those sneaking smiles

I'm sorry to my eyes
They saw your stupid face
If love was competition
You would loose the race

I'm sorry to my lips
They spoke sweet words of you
Only to find out today
That none of them were true

I'm sorry to my heart
For all it had to hide
My true feelings for someone else
Tear me up inside

I wish it ended better
My feelings on the shelf
But the one thing I feel worst about
I'm sorry to myself