Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Walking down a dark passageway
Wondering if I'm going the right way
Or if I'm just traveling with no sense of where I'm going
With no sense of what I'm doing
With no sense of why I keep on moving
I think about the could-have-beens,
The might-have-beens
And the way things used to be.

I spot a patch of light farther away
And I move towards it with quickening speed
But when I get there I see the light
Was just a shadow of my imagination
And I'm left to wander this world again
Alone and cold and afraid and uncertain.

But I move on, ignoring the obstacles,
Ignoring the dramatizations,
Ignoring the illusions, the facades,
The masks people wear.

I move on because there is no sense
In quitting now that I've gotten so far.
I move on because I am human
And while my body and my mind
May cease to cooperate,
My soul will always search out,
Through the darkness
Through the intrepid disease
Through the ill-fated world,
The pure good of life.

My soul is all I have left
All that remains untarnished
And is the force that beckons me
Through the darkness
To find the light that doesn't exist
To find the Lord that hides amidst
The darkness.

My soul calls me to find my love;
To let go of the past could-have-beens,
Ignore future's what-ifs
And focus on today;
The world has yet to see
What I can offer,
What change I can give
What effect I will have on those
Consumed by the darkness.

And as I enter the light
I will have the satisfaction
That I have spent my living hours
Serving those who me surround.

For although there is a cloud of darkness,
I will live on - I will persevere through
The evils of humanity and conquer my inner self
Thereby conquering today
And creating for myself life worth living.

by Trevor Wallace