Saturday March 30th 2002

As I pried open the door to my soul
I found a light I never saw before
And in this light I found many things
Like why I laugh, frown and sing.

And I searched some more
Casting my gaze to the infinite space
I found hidden in the dark reaches,
Where the light's glowing rays fade dimly,
A small box, undecorated and plain.

This box was most astounding,
For I did not expect to find it here.
But I knew I must open it
I must bear the consequences that would follow
Such an act of opening this box I thought hollow.

As I raised the lid, a mighty force did grow
And throw my body aft of the box.

For a moment all was black...
All was lost and forgotten.

Then I rose.
I opened my eyes
And stared at the open box.

Its contents had split out.
Along the floor, roof and walls.
It had flowed over the room
Like a wave crashing into the shore.

I picked up the box.
It was empty.
Its contents split,
Its purpose past,
The box crumpled away
And left my soul.

The once forgotten light
Now stretched the length of the room.
The sparkling reflective potion
Glorified the room,
Purposefully propelling the light.

And for the moment I realized
What was contained in that box.
I realized what had been kept hidden
Away in the far reaches of that room.

I realized the significance of that explosion
And what it did for that room.

I realized that love is what makes one complete.
Love is what makes one feel good inside.
And without love, there is no reason for living.

We mustn't keep this treasure locked away
In a dark corner of a room we rarely visit.

We must search for that box.
We mustn't be afraid to say
'Yes, I love. I am not ashamed to say it'

We must expel from our mind logic
And listen to our heart's desires.
For it is within you,
Within your soul and
Through your love
That one may find one, true

by Trevor Wallace