Lady Darkness
Tuesday April 3rd 2002

The final flickers of sunlight
Cast their rays down on the streets
And the darkness begins to consume all.
Slowly at first,
But then with quickening pace.

Shadows melt and are fused
Into one ominous darkness.
The Darkness takes hold of all.
She casts her veil of blackness
Upon the people of this town,
Enriching their every desire,
Their every passion, their every wish.
She passes to every victim
The power to fulfill their desires
While asking nothing for exchange.

The Darkness takes pride in her abilities.
She controls all. Therefore she is all.
She believes herself to be the life-force of the town,
Of the world, of the universe.

This lady of the night,
With her dark kerchief slug around her neck
And her narrow eyes watching carefully over the town,
Holds within herself the force of unity,
The power of many, the might of Earth.

She commands all nations, genders, and races.
A higher regard for one over another she does not possess.

Instead she bestows her gift
To every man, woman and child equally and without discourse.
After her restless night
She drifts away at the break of dawn.

There is not one person
Stronger or more forceful than her.
All will submit to her.
She is the controller of the world,
Yet she makes no decisions.
She is the force that
Beckons man to replenish his mind.

She cannot be stopped.
This lady of all ages
Holds more power than any emperor,
Tsar, president, or king ever has.

She has existed since the dawn of man
And will not leave this place until the Final Day.

by Trevor Wallace

"If I had the chance, I'd ask the world to dance then i wouldn't be dancing with myself" - Blink 182