When I had my first breakup
You were right there to dry my tears
And tell me everything would be okay
Even though our reason for breaking up was you

When one of my brothers left
Because he couldn't handle it at home anymore
You were the first person i called
ANd you let me cry and told me i would be okay

When my oldest brother left to be in the army
Our friendship was falling apart
But I ran to you and cried cuz I missed him so much
You told me that in time I would be okay

FOr almost we laughed at each other
Made fun of each other and in a way tried to kill each other
But I believe that deep down inside, we both knew
That our friendship would bloom and one day be okay again.

When my grandma died,
Though our friendship was barely new and fresh again
i ran to you and cried
YOu hugged me and told me that I would be okay

WHen my parents got divorced
I was happy but still in some way sad
WHen I cried about it
You told me that in time I would be okay

You were there through my breakups
deaths and people leaving me
We went through our own problems with each other
But everything turned out okay

Until i became friends with you
I never knew what it was like to have
A best friend and a sister
All in one

We've had three hour phone conversations about nothing and everything
We've had late nights where we've stayed up, talked and giggled
We've had late nights where we've stayed up and cried
We've been there for each other for everything

Though we may not be sisters by blood
You'll always be my sister in my heart
And of course, as my sister
You will always be my best friend.