She sits in her room alone
Thinking that nobody loves her.
She thinks she's too fat, too ugly, too everything.
She wonders when someone will love her.

Then one day, he comes along.
He wonders why she thinks nobody loves her.
Why she thinks she's too fat, too ugly, too everything.
He went and told her he loved her.

She wonders why he loves her
Or if it's just an act.
She was so scared of getting hurt.
She did the one thing that she could.

He watched her walk away from him
As tears streamed down her face.
He wondered what he could do
To make her know he's telling the truth.

She felt an arm upon her shoulder
And she slowly turned around.
If he tells her again that he loves her,
She'll know that he's for real.

"I love you," he said,
"And I wish you could believe me."

"I love you too," she said.
"Just promise you'll never leave me."

(A/ was corny..but I like it...I think it's's actually one of my favorites that I've written)