Ok now, this is all true! My friend Nick tells me that I do this stuff when I sleep over at his house with my friend Nancy (jinx) hehe. Well any ways, at our sleepovers I'm always the 1st to fall . I'm the only one to fall asleep because Nancy would stay up and use the computer speaking it would be her only chance to use it since I don't let her when im awake. So these are two encounters of me sleeping over at Nick's house..

Well, supposly one time I was sleeping in the bedroom while they were both in there sitting at the computer, when all of a suddenly I just sit up with my eyes still closed saying, "Suuuure whatever, you guys are weird" and "NOOOOOOO,NOOOO,NOOOO!" as if I was answering my own imaginary questions. Then my friend Nancy put me back to sleep, by saying, "sleeeep Shelby, sleeeeep" and don't ask me why, but it worked. Then one weekend later, were back at Nick's house staying the night once again, but this time I was sleeping on the living room couch. After sleeping for about 2 hours I got up and walked into the bedroom and grabbed a blanket(which I don't remember doing either, but when I woke up I had a blanket so it must have been true). But I do remember that my friend Nick was incredibly crazy and hyper that night and that he threw a paper towel at me with a smiley face on it. But any ways Nick's cat Felicity likes to crawl in and out of the blinds of the window in the living room (and of course I knew this at the time!) But I was so out of it, so when I saw Felicity walking through the blinds I yelled, "HOLY SHIT! THE CAT JUST WALKED THROUGH A WALL! WHAT WALL WILL SHE WALK THROUGH NEXT!?" of course when I found this out I was quite shocked at myself, but not embarrassed though I just can't embarrassed because I love to embarrass myself, If it gives everyone else around me a good laugh then hell I'm gonna laugh to! Well that's my story except for the fact the last time I slept over at Nick's our friend Mitch was there to and I went psycho and snapped him really bad which I don't remember, but o well I probably got mad for a good reason. Well any ways a lot of you reading this are probably thinking, "THIS STORY SUX! BURN IT AND SEND IT TO HELL!" but you really had to be there to get the amusement out of this situation.